Stay Involved

Here are just a few ways for alumni to stay involved with fraternity and sorority life:

  • providing information about events;
  • giving that can make a difference in the lives of students, faculty and communities;
  • being a chapter advisor, and
  • connecting with Alumni Advisory Councils who provide valued services to members and a place to get involved.

Our Alumni Advisory Councils assist the undergraduate executive councils and provide programming and resources to all fraternities and sororities.  Members are dedicated to exploring Greek-related issues on campus and in the Ithaca community that impact relationships, conduct, and the health and safety of our fraternity and sorority system.

News & Announcements

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity

The original home of Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity at 421 North Albany Street, Ithaca, NY has been added to the list of historical places by the Preservation League of New York State.  The list is meant to raise the awareness of endangered historic places so that they can be appreciated and revitalized. The property was recognized by the City of Ithaca as a historic landmark in April 2015. Norman Dennis, an African American mason, built the house in 1868. 

Alpha Phi Alpha is the first African-American fraternity in the United States. In 1906, Charles Cardoza Poindexter started a literary social group of African American students and rented the space as a social space before developing into Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity. Alpha Phi Alpha wants to claim, restore and revive this building that was essential to their founding.

Alumnus Award

Donna Green Barsotti (Beta Lambda – Georgetown College) was the recipient of Order of the Emerald which recognizes extraordinary service to Kappa Delta and is given to those who have exhibited selfless devotion to the sorority.

Donna has been faithfully serving the Omega Chi chapter for the last 36 years. She has served on both the chapter advisory board and house corporation, and currently serves as chairman of both. Under her leadership, the chapter has won many awards including Outstanding Chapter, which they have won eight times. Donna also serves as president of the Alumnae Panhellenic Advisory Council, and she is a member of the Fraternity and Sorority Advisory Council. Alison Ewing had this to say, “Donna has been all things to all people, a trusted advisor to some, a capable partner to others, and to all, a friend and a sister. She has a way of pulling you in, partnering with you and making you better than you could have imagined by yourself. No one could ever replace her. She is the heart and soul of the Omega Chi chapter.”

Sigma Nu Awards Announcement — Gamma Theta Chapter

Congratulations to the chapter and alumni!

The General Fraternity completed its review of the Pursuit of Excellence Program self-assessments, award applications, and chapter records for the 2014-2015 academic year. As a result, the Gamma Theta chapter was recognized with the following: 

  • Excellence in LEAD Phase 1
  • Chapter Advisor of the Year - Dr. Robert Linden

What are they doing now?

Steven Henick '15, Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity member and past Order of Omega President, is teaching 7th grade in South Carolina as part of Teach for America.  Steven uses the mug that is given out annually from the Faculty Appreciation Reception almost every day in the classroom.  The green popsicle sticks have numbers on them that correspond to numbers on the desks in the classroom, and when he pulls out a certain number, the student with that number on his/her desk needs to participate.