Phase I: Immediate

Substantiated Acts of Hazing

Substantiated acts of hazing will result in a chapter’s suspension and loss of recognition. A minimum of three years will be applied for those cases that include coerced alcohol or other drug consumption, sexual and related misconduct, or other forms of violence or mentally abusive behavior that poses a threat to health and safety. Consistent with current practice, all allegations of hazing will be reported to the Office of the Judicial Administrator to pursue individual accountability for members associated with the accused organization.

Implementation Plan

Violations of hazing will continue to be listed on the Hazing website. As per our current practices, all reports will be investigated through a fact finding process. Credible information will result in a hearing as per our Accountability Process. Those found responsible will be subject to the above outcome.

Hard Alcohol

Hard alcohol (more than 30% alcohol by volume) is not permitted in a residential chapter house at any time.

Implementation Plan

Any instance of hard alcohol, at any time, in any space within a recognized fraternity or sorority house will result in an investigation through our Accountability Process. A progressive sanctioning model will be used, meaning consideration will be given to the number of offenses in a chapter's history, as applicable. These violations will be considered a factor in the overall health of an organization during any later Accountability Process