Multicultural Greek & Fraternal Council Intake Process

What is MGFC?

The Multicultural Greek & Fraternal Council is composed of 13 culturally-based fraternities and sororities who serve to coordinate programs between its own members, members of the council and the rest of the community with an emphasis on service and culture. MGFC is comprised of fraternities and sororities that identify as Historically Black, Latinx Based, African-Social Justice and Asian-Interest Organizations. Learn more at

How to Join an MGFC Organization

MGFC organizations have a unique collection of recruitment processes. While some organizations have formal recruitment, such as our Asian Interest fraternities and sororities, other organizations create interest through interest meetings, informational sessions, or educational programs and forums.  Almost all 13 organizations host a Weekend of Events, in which each organization programs for an entire weekend to focus programming on culture, service, and social interactions. For any further inquiries you may also contact, Ricky Boche, MGFC Advisor.