Recruitment & Intake

First Quarter

August through Fall Break

  • No contact between chapters and freshman
  • Opportunity for freshman to focus on transition and academics
  • Tricouncil based events
  • Note: Informal Recruitment may begin at this time. We encourage chapters to recruit eligible transfers, sophomores and upperclassmen during the fall semester. Remember recruitment nor intake may never involve alcohol or other drugs.

Second Quarter

Fall Break through Winter Break

  • Informal recruitment
  • Chapters can host events
  • No alcohol or other drugs may be a part of any of these events

Third Quarter

January through Initiation Deadline

  • Alcohol and hazing free formal recruitment, new member education, initiation/intake
  • Schedules for events/activities to be determined by governing councils

Fourth Quarter

Initiation Deadline through Graduation

  • All new members are initiated as full members of the organization and can take advantage of all benefits