Panhellenic (PHC) Recruitment


New member recruitment is the process through which interested individuals join a sorority through the process of mutual selection. Potential new members meet members from every chapter, watch skits, take house tours, and decide which sorority is the right one for them. Membership recruitment consists of four rounds of events-Round 1 (Open House), Round 2 (House Tours), Round 3 (Skit) and Round 4 (Preference). These rounds become more formal and longer as the week progresses.  For more information regarding recruitment, check out the Cornell Panhellenic Association site.

There is not a minimum GPA for Panhellenic recruitment. Individual sororities may use GPA as a consideration when selecting whom to invite back to events but there is not a restriction to register for the process.

There is also not a credit number. As part of the decision faculty, students, and alumni made in the 1950s to be a deferred recruitment campus, the rule is that a student must have completed one full semester on our campus. The only exception is a transfer student who we know has completed at least one semester elsewhere. FYSA students which means First Year Spring Admits are not eligible to join the spring semester they begin Cornell.

Why join a sorority?

Sororities offer members a wide array of opportunities and benefits including philanthropy and community service events, social activities, academic scholarships, a supportive home environment, an inter/national network of sisters, close friendships, and memories that last a lifetime!

If I go through recruitment, do I have to join?

No. Recruitment is a time to see what sorority life can offer to you.  We invite you to explore the various opportunities available to you as a member of a Cornell fraternity and sorority! Going through recruitment and its functions does not commit you to joining in any way!

Does being a legacy guarantee me a spot in a sorority?

Contrary to popular myths, being a legacy does not guarantee that a potential new member will be offered membership in her family member's organization.

What is Bid Day?

Bid Day is when women pick up their invitations to join a sorority.  Bid Day takes place after the last round of recruitment, Preference Night.  This is an extremely exciting time as it is the first time that your New Member class will come together.

Do sororities take up a lot of time?

While each sorority’s membership requirements differ, a general range for commitment is anywhere from 2 to 8 hours a week.  Whether it be a community service project, planning an event, or regular weekly meetings, members have learned to manage their time wisely with other commitments such as schoolwork, a job, friends outside of their chapter, as well as other organizations with which they are involved.

It is important to note that during the initial new member process more time will be required.  At the same time, each chapter understands the importance of scholarship and respects each new member’s need to study.  Time management is important during this stage!

Aren't sororities expensive?

Annual membership dues vary by chapter and may vary per semester.  Additionally, dues/fees may differ according to whether or not you live in the chapter house or not.  Chapter dues and fees are used to pay for the upkeep of the chapter house, community service events, chapter programming, intramurals, and many of the social events offered.

If I currently receive financial aid that covers my housing fees will it continue to do so if I join a Greek organization next year?

The cost of a double room on campus and the Bear Traditional meal plan are included in the financial aid cost of attendance.  If your Greek organziation charges more for housing and you receive financial aid, you may be eligible to request additional loan to help cover the additional cost. Each case is differenct and specific.  Please contact the financial aid office at or (607)255-5145.

Are the costs associated with joining a Greek organization (new member fees, chapter dues, room and board in the chapter house) taken into account when tabulating financial aid packages?

Per Financial Aid Office:  No extra aid is given for social or dues charges.  In other words those charges are not used to calulate financial aid.  In general Housing and Dining are considered.  Please contact the financial aid office at or (607)255-5145.

Can I go abroad or take a year off and still be a member?

Yes. We encourage all of our members to participate in exchange programs to enrich their academic experiences.

Do Cornell sororities haze?

NO! Hazing is against the Cornell University Panhellenic Council policy.  Anti-hazing policies are taken very seriously by the university and the Panhellenic Council and will be strictly enforced.