A.  Educational/Remedial

The primary goal of the Fraternity & Sorority Judicial system is educational in nature.  The Fraternity and Sorority Judicial Board and respective judicial officers may design sanctions that are specific to an individual case when it is determined that educational or remedial value may result and the interests of the University community are maintained.

B.  Warning

In instances of less serious deviations from the University norms of conduct, the chapter may be formally warned of the possible consequences of continuing such behavior.  No other specific action is taken unless further misconduct occurs. A “Warning” will remain active in a chapter’s disciplinary file for one calendar year.

C. Social Probation

This status is applied as a result of a breach of specific social regulations.  Its primary effect is to suspend a privilege related to the nature of the offense and/or restrict access to specific campus facilities or programs for a minimum of four (4) weeks.

D. Disciplinary Reprimand

This action is a formal admonition on behalf of the fraternity and sorority community and is intended to clearly document in a chapter’s disciplinary file that its behavior has been deemed unacceptable.

E. Disciplinary Probation

This action constitutes a change in status between good standing and loss of chapter recognition.  The chapter is permitted to retain recognition at the University, but under certain stated conditions depending upon the nature of the violation and upon the potential learning value that may derive from such a restrictive measure.

F.  Loss of Recognition

The Director of Sorority & Fraternity Life and the Greek Judicial Board always reserve the right to refer serious chapter misconduct to the Vice President for Student and Campus Life to review whether the chapter should be allowed to maintain its status as a recognized chapter.  The board can recommend to the Executive Director of Campus & Community Engagement that a chapter lose recognition of their respective governing council, which is parallel to loss of university recognition as a chapter must be recognized by a council in order to be recognized by the university. Such determinations will be made pursuant to the Cornell University Recognition Policy for Fraternities and Sororities.