The Cornell Sorority & Fraternity community dates to the first months of University operation during the autumn of 1868.  Cornell's co-founder and first president, Andrew Dickson White, was a strong promoter of fraternal organizations as a means of teaching self-governance to students.  Today, we strive to continue that ethos.

Our office provides support and resources to the self-governed Cornell sorority and fraternity community.  Sororities and fraternities are values-based social organizations, providing members with a community of peers, and personal growth opportunities through leadership development and service projects.  Many of the organizations also offer a small residential living experience.

Currently, one-third of the undergraduate student body (approximately 4,500+ students) belongs to one of the 60 recognized fraternities or sororities that make up the sorority and fraternity community.  Individually these organizations present members with unique personal development opportunities. Collectively, the sorority and fraternity community provides thousands of students the platform from which they contribute to the local, regional and global communities.

News & Announcements

Mandatory Pre-Recruitment Events

Oct.-Dec. 2018 | If an individual plans to participate in IFC Fraternity Recruitment or PHC Sorority Recruitment in January, they must plan to attend the trainings below:

President Pollack Initiates Reforms for Greek Letter Organizations

May 4, 2018 | In response to campus and national climate, President Pollack frames a renewed vision for the future of sorority and fraternity life at Cornell.  Read the recommendations outlining a change in expectations and accountability for the community.

Cornell University Greek Tri-Council Diversity & Inclusion Plan

September 14, 2017 | Read the action plan that outlines steps for accountability, education, impact, and change for the Greek community in light of recent bias incidents.

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