Getting Support in Your Community

What is a GRM? 

The Graduate Residence Manager (GRM) is a professional staff member who oversees specific graduate and professional student residential communities. The GRM is a resource for all community members and is there to provide support, answer questions, and contribute to building a safe and respectful community for all members. The GRM also supervises the GCAs and other staff who work to support these communities.

What is a GCA? 

Graduate Community Advisors are graduate or professional students who are student leaders who live and work amongst their peers. A GCA’s primary role is to help create a sense of community and do this through being a general resource to all residents, providing opportunities for residents to get to know each other, and serving as a main point of contact during emergency situations. GCAs also serve as part of an after-hours on call system should a serious issue come up in the evening or on the weekend.

What is a YFC? 

The Youth and Family Coordinators (YFC) are professional staff members who provide programs specifically for children and families within the graduate and professional student residential communities. The YFCs can also help residents with questions regarding local school systems and connect residents with other local resources for families.

Community Events and Programs

We strive to foster a feeling of community in all on-campus graduate and professional student residences. This is encouraged through cultural awareness programs, films, multicultural dinners, and several other social and educational activities for the community. The GRM and GCAs assist residents by presenting programs, workshops, and activities to enhance the community experience.  The staff welcomes your input on program development and seeks resident participation.  If you would like to suggest a program, help run a program, or have a skill or talent you would like to share, please speak to the GRM.

Residential Programs Staff

Meet the many staff members beyond your community who help to support the residential experience.