Get Involved

There are many ways to get further involved in your community, whether that be a student staff position or participation in a community hall council or student organization. Come join us in creating an enriching residential experience.


  • Resident Advisors
    Our staff of 135 Resident Advisors (RAs) are undergraduate or graduate students who live in the undergraduate residential communities and serve as community leaders and peer educators; encouraging residents to respect one another and be engaged members of their residential communities. RAs work an average of 20 hours per week. Each fall the application process for the RA position begins in October for the upcoming academic year.
  • Graduate Community Advisors
    Graduate Community Advisors (GCAs) are students who live and work among their peers in graduate and professional student campus communities. GCAs work approximately 8-10 hours per week during the academic year with some limited opportunities for summer work as well. Information about the GCA search process for the following academic year is available each December.
  • Assistant Residence Hall Directors (ARHD)
    Assistant Residence Hall Directors (ARHDs) are graduate or professional students who live in an undergraduate residential community and work approximately 15 hours per week supporting the creation of an exceptional on campus living experience for residential students. Currently ARHDs work in many different residential communities: program Houses, first-year communities, and upper-level student residences. Applications are available annually for the upcoming academic year in February.

Summer Employment

Looking for summer work? Consider the many opportunities available through Residential Programs. Details about the application process are posted in the early spring semester for the upcoming summer.

  • Prefreshman Summer Program
    The Prefreshman Summer Program (PSP) is designed to help new incoming students prepare for the challenges of the first year at Cornell. The program, which takes place during the summer before students’ first year, includes field trips, guest lectures, and many social and cultural activities. Current students can apply for several positions to work with PSP: Program Assistants for each College, Academic Program Assistants, Administrative Assistants, and Activities Coordinator.
  • Summer College
    Cornell’s Summer College program offers pre-college programs for talented high school students for either three-week or six-week sessions. Participants come from across the United States and from over 40 countries. Summer College offers two positions which current undergraduate students can apply for: Residential Community Advisors (RCA) and Program Assistants (PA). RCAs provide primary community support and work closely with the residential participants of the program. PAs are full time undergraduate positions and oversee the development and implementation of all programs and events.
  • Summer Sessions
    The Summer Sessions program offers college-level courses for current and visiting undergraduate students in three-week, six-week, and eight-week sessions. Current undergraduate students can apply to be a Resident Advisor (RA). Summer Sessions RAs provide community support and activities for Cornell students studying over the summer.
  • ACHUHO-I Internships
    Cornell works with ACUHO-I to bring graduate student interns from other universities to our campus over the summer. These internships support three of our residential programs over the summer: the Prefreshman Summer Program, Summer College, and Summer Sessions. Interested applicants can apply through ACUHO-I Internship program. Applications are typically due in December for the following summer.


  • Hall Councils
    Each residence hall has a student-led Hall Council which is dedicated to supporting the community experience. Participation in Hall Council is a great way to get involved in your community. Hall Councils create programming and provide opportunities for students to have fun, meet new people, and get involved both within their halls and in the larger campus community. To learn more about your Community’s Hall Council, please visit your Residence Hall page. Hall Councils typically form at the start of the fall semester.

Student Organizations

There are many student organizations that support the residential experience. Residents have the opportunity to be student leaders and become further engaged in the student experience at Cornell. These three groups work closely with the staff in Residential Programs.

  • National Residence Hall Honorary
    The National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH) is an organization which strives to recognize individuals who have contributed to the advancement of college and university housing. Chapter members represent the top 1% of residential student leaders on campus who have made extraordinary contributions to their residential communities. Cornell’s NRHH chapter is made up of students and staff and focuses on recognition of students, staff, faculty, student organizations, and events that contribute positively to the residential experience.
  • Peer Review Board
    The Peer Review Board (PRB) is a student organization made up of residential students who oversee community conduct and the observation of the residential House Rules. By engaging in peer-to-peer dialogue about community impact and holding hearings with students referred to the PRB for potential House Rules violations, members of the PRB uphold students’ rights and foster safe and respectful communities. The PRB’s mission is to educate, not to punish. Questions about the PRB or want to get involved? Contact
  • Residential Student Congress
    The Residential Student Congress (RSC) is a student government organization where student leaders from each residential community serve as representatives for their communities. RSC’s purpose is to promote and foster a sense of cohesion across campus residential communities by involving its members as active participants in the process of self-governance. It also provides a forum to build community and exchange ideas as well as express concerns about residential life. The three main focuses of RSC are: programming, advocacy, and leadership. Annually RSC hosts several large events including the Big Red Chill and Cocoa ‘Round Cornell. In addition to their own events, RSC also funds individual residence hall and hall council events that are open for the entire Cornell community. In addition to serving as community representatives, opportunities exist for students to pursue additional leadership through an Executive Board position with RSC. Talk to your RA or RHD to learn more about how to become involved in RSC.