Learning Where You Live Courses

An initiative of the Office of the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education.

“My class was excellent and one of the best things about my first semester at Cornell.  I looked forward to this class every week.”

Learning Where You Live (LWYL) courses are one- and two-credit courses taught on North (and West) Campus.  They are small, seminar-style classes that are usually taught without letter grades with a focus on building relationships, innovative teaching, and fascinating topics.

“I loved the intimate and welcoming feel of the course. The smaller class size and having discussions over dinner was incredible and this was my favorite class that I have experienced at Cornell so far.”

Reasons to enroll in a LWYL course

To develop strong relationships with faculty and peers.

“It was a lot more personal and it is the closest I have gotten to a professor. We had dinner every class, which was very comfortable and welcoming. It didn't feel like a class.”

Fact: Over 75% of students would consider asking their LWYL professor for advice on academic or career matters.

To allow you to explore an interesting subject outside of your intended field of study.

“It provided me with the opportunity to learn about a topic that interested me that was outside of my major. It was also a low stress environment where we could comfortably learn without it negatively impacting the amount of time I put into my other classes.”

Fact: 97% of LWYL students agreed that their course allowed them to explore a topic that they otherwise wouldn’t have been able to.

To be part of a meaningful and enjoyable learning experience.

“It was more discussion based and relaxed- it was much better than other courses. I wanted to learn more for myself and not a grade."

Fact: Over 95% of students agreed that their LWYL course promoted intellectual exchange between them, the faculty member, and other students in the course.

LWYL courses reinforce Cornell’s commitment to intellectual exchange, curiosity, and exploration.

“I valued the fact that it wasn't simply a lecture or lesson from the professor, but rather an intellectual exchange among the students. We all had the ability to form and express our own opinions, and as a result got to hear and consider many viewpoints.”

Fact: 97% of LWYL participants increased their curiosity in the course subject.

Learning Where You Live Course Options

Register for them just as you would for any other courses.

2019-2020 LWYL options for North Campus residents

2019-2020 LWYL options for West Campus residents