Postering in the Residence Halls

Posters must be approved by Residential & New Student Programs (RNSP) staff and stamped (by individual bringing poster) before they will be posted in Residence Halls and Community Centers.  Failure to obtain proper approval before posting will result in the removal of posters and possibly: charges for cost of removal, referral/letter from the Dean of Students office, or trespassing violations, as appropriate.

Please come to 1501 Dickson Hall (Monday-Friday, 8:30 am–4:00 pm) to get posters approved by RNSP staff.  You will be responsible for stamping all posters with the approval stamp provided.   

For Approval

  • Only posters from Cornell University registered organizations/departments, or non-Cornell non-profits will be approved.
  • Posters must be in our office for approval at least SEVEN days prior to the event or they will not be approved.
  • All posters must clearly contain the name of the sponsoring organization and contact information such as: website, email or phone number. 
  • No posters will be approved if they are of a nature that can be considered obscene, discriminatory, libelous, promoting illegal activity, or conveying a message in conflict with the mission of Cornell University (as deemed by RNSP staff).


For the following locations, approved posters are to be given to the RNSP Office for the RHDs to pick up. The number of posters per building depend on the size of the poster and is as follows:

North Campus 8 1/2 x 11 inches

(52 total)
17 x 24 inches

(38 total)
Akwe:kon 1 1
Balch 2 2
Court-Kay-Bauer 2 2
Dickson/McLLU 8 4
Donlon 10 10
Ecology House 1 1
High Rise #5/Jameson 12 2
HILC 1 1
JAM 1 1
LLC 2 2
Low Rises 2 2
Mews 2 2
Risley 2 2
Townhouses 2 2
Ujamaa 4 4


For the following locations, you must deliver approved posters to the offices listed below. The number of posters per building depend on the size of the poster and is as follows:

West Campus & Collegetown 8 1/2 x 11 inches

(15 total)
17 x 24 inches

(10 total)
Cook House Office:

Cook House
1 1
Becker House Office:

Becker House
1 1
Bethe House Office:

Bethe House
1 1
Keeton House Office:

Keeton House
1 1
Rose House Office:

Rose House
1 1
Cascadilla Service Center:

Cascadilla/Sheldon Ct/Edgemoor/Schuyler/2 Forest Park Lane
10 5


Graduate Residence Halls (1 total either size)

You must deliver approved posters to the Hasbrouck Service Center.

Community Centers (3 total either size)

  • RPCC Community Center - You may hang two stamped posters (one at each of the entrance way boards). 
  • Appel Community Center - You may hang one stamped poster (to the right of the service center).

Dining Units

Postering is not allowed on the doors or within any of the dining facilities.