Study Abroad

The top five questions from students preparing to study abroad:

  1. I only need housing for a semester. What are my housing options?
    • A single-semester on-campus housing assignment
    • A single semester off-campus sublet
    • Negotiate a short-term lease
    • Sign a one year lease and attempt to sublet (for the semester abroad)
    • Sign a one year lease and pay the rent for the entire lease (including time abroad)
  2. Where/when do I search for housing?
    • Where? Online here,, in the Cornell Daily Sun, by word of mouth or by visiting during open house events.
    • When? This depends on your needs. Many variables influence when you “should” seek housing. Those may include your arrival date/time, rental availability dates, length of time you will need to rent, length of time rentals are available, your budget, distance to campus, etc.
  3. I signed a 12-month lease. Can I sublet my apartment to another tenant?

    Read your lease and discuss this option with your landlord and your housemates.
  4. Are there risks associated with subletting? How can I minimize risk?

    Yes, there are risks and though they cannot be eliminated, they can be minimized. Learn more to help you identify specific risks and strategies for minimizing those.
  5. Is there any way I can I determine how compatible I will be/my subtenant will be, with other housemates?

    Please see our compatibility questionnaire. It may be a helpful guide.

Tips and strategies for finding and securing single-semester housing and identifying subtenants

  • Join the Off-Campus Living list serve
  • Regularly browse the Off-Campus Housing Listing online database, and other internet-based sources of information
  • Consider compatibility with future housemates
  • Develop a sublet contract
  • Review the Off-Campus Living materials regarding subletting and short term housing