Dispute Resolution

If you have a disagreement or dispute with your landlord:

  1. Talk to your landlord, discuss the situation and possible resolutions, including a time frame.
  2. Organize the details. Take notes and photos and document emails, phone calls and any correspondence, date, time, location when event occured.
  3. Be persistent. Follow up with the landlord if the situation has not been taken care of in the time frame agreed upon.
  4. If there has been no resolution or the landlord has not contacted you, there are a number of local and regional agencies that can assist you.

A Guide to Small Claims Court — A step by step guide.

City of Ithaca Building Department — If you live within the City of Ithaca and have problems with your landlord regarding maintenance, repairs, etc.

Community Dispute Resolution Center — CDRC is a local mediation organization that can help you.

Ithaca City Court

Civil Court

New York State Attorney General's Office

Tompkins County Court

NYS Bar Association — Free and confidential legal counsel (800) 342-3661