Cooperative Living

The eight university-owned and -managed buildings housed within them the independent and self-governed student organizations known as Prospect of Whitby, 660 Stewart, 302 Wait Avenue Cooperative, Triphammer Cooperative, Von Cramm, Wait Terrace, Wari Cooperative and Watermargin.

These organizations extend far beyond the buildings in which they are based. They each have their long histories and depend on the personal investment of each resident in each co-op.

The Benefits of Co-ops to their Residents and to the Cornell Community: The Cooperative Spirit

The self-governing nature of Co-ops expects respect, responsibility, and consideration from its residents. By taking personal responsibility for the upkeep of their organizations and facilities, Co-op residents acquire practical, extracurricular training in building community that is beyond what is offered in traditional residences halls, West Campus Houses and Program Houses. This is how the Cooperative Spirit is built.

In addition, the open and supportive environment of Co-ops fosters the development of student leadership skills through activism within the Co-ops and throughout the Cornell Community.

Features of Co-ops at Cornell

Each Co-op is a unique, self-governed housing unit with distinctive features, including:

  • An emphasis on community building within and beyond the residence
  • Providing extensive leadership opportunities for students
  • Room rates and budgets are managed by each Co-op
  • Residents select their own members, officers and liaisons to University Offices
  • No live-in staff
  • Upkeep of the building and other duties are carried out by residents as established in each Co-op
  • Each Co-op has its own house rules that are compliant with Cornell guidelines and  State and Federal laws
  • Facilities projects are paid by rent fees and performed through University Facilities.
  • Residences are open year round with summer receipts supporting programs and projects for the academic year
  • Develop house programs
  • Maintain their own checking accounts for summer rent money, meal plan money and programming
  • Open to graduate as well as undergraduate students