Student Staff

The Tatkon Center student staff total over 20 upper-level students who work to ensure smooth operations over 75 hours each week. The Tat staff is eager to make new students feel welcome and answer any questions. They are also actively engaged in developing programs at the Tat that serve new students in all ways, from connecting students to fascinating faculty members, to providing fun study breaks. They play an additional special role on move-in day and during Orientation week as well as First-Year Family Weekend and Cornell Days.  They are also always available to faculty using the center for any facilities-related need.

The Tat staff is a diverse group of American and international students representing a broad array of majors and university programs and colleges. They are all chosen to be part of the Tat team because of their genuine desire to help fellow Cornellians. Their role is to make the transition into campus life easier for new students and to pass on what they’ve learned from their own experiences to help others make the most of their first year. Utilize them! They are a tremendous resource!

New students and faculty should always feel welcome and encouraged to drop by the Tat and ask staff anything!

Name: Nana
Hometown: Ghana
Major: Human Biology, Health, and Society (pre-med)
Year: 2020
Activities: Kidney Disease Screening and Awareness Program
Tat Tip:  Avoid procrastination if you want to enjoy the unique and fun opportunities Cornell provides.
Fun Fact: I love to read novels while sipping on my favorite coffee drink, caramel frappuccino.

Name: Xinming (Lily)
Hometown: Zhuhai, Guangdong, China
Major: Engineering
Year: 2020
Activities: Cornell Chinese Students and Scholars Association, Cornell Table Tennis Club, Cornell Badminton Club, Cornell Eastern Music Ensemble, Cornell Therapy Thru Music Club
Tat Tip: Never hesitate to ask for help! Always stay open to new things and move out of your comfort zone!
Fun Fact: I have a "hitchhiker's thumb," which can bend back almost 90 degrees.

Name: Amber
Hometown: San Luis Obispo, CA
Major: Biological Sciences (pre-med)
Year: 2020
Activities: CU Class Councils, Alpha Phi Omega–Gamma Chapter, Weill-Ithaca Network
Tat Tip: Take advantage of going off-campus and doing new things! Don't be afraid to take the TCAT bus to the Farmer's Market or the Commons, walk to the Botanic Gardens, climb the clock tower, or go to events that you know nothing about. These fun things are what you'll remember most about the first year at Cornell.
Fun Fact: I love vegetables more than any other food group.

Name: Austen
Hometown: Diamond Bar, CA
Major: Sociology
Year: 2019
Activities: Phi Delta Epsilon, Bio-medical and Technical Association
Interesting Fact: I am both a Lakers and Clippers fan!

Name: Pegah
Hometown: Haymarket, VA
Major: Government
Year: 2019
Activities: Cornell Daily Sun, Lunatic Comedy Magazine
Fun Fact: I am trilingual - I speak Farsi, French, and English!

Name: Drew
Hometown: Danbury, CT
Major: Biological Engineering
Year: 2019
Activities: Women of Color Coalition, PreM3, OADI Pre-Professional Programs (P3)
Fun Fact: My ultimate goal is to become an OBGYN serving in underprivileged areas.

Name: Sofia
Hometown: Springfield, VA
Major: Policy Analysis & Management
Year: 2019
Activities: Student Assembly Committee on City & Local Affairs, Phi Alpha Delta Pre-Law Fraternity
Tat Tip: With everyone’s hectic schedules on campus, it can sometimes become difficult to find time to see your friends during school hours. Definitely remember to set some time aside to catch up with your friends at Appel or RPCC at the end of a long day!

Name: Lily
Hometown: Warwick, NY
Major: Information Science
Year: 2019
Activities: Thread Magazine, The Cornell Daily Sun
Fun Fact: I played soccer and lacrosse for four years in high school!

Name: Penelope
Hometown: New York, NY
Major: Government, English
Year: 2020
Activities: Cornell Daily Sun, Women of Color Coalition, Peace Action, Cornell International Affairs Society
Tat Tip: Don’t be afraid to reach out for help or to check out any clubs/events you have an interest in! You could miss out on something great!
Fun Fact: I love Game of Thrones, my middle school playlists, and movie recommendations.

Name: Arjun
Hometown: Herndon, VA
Major: Biology, with a microbiology concentration
Year: 2018
Activities: Undergraduate research, Society for India, Cornell Bhangra
Tat Tip: Take advantage of the nice weather when you can – you can usually find me on the Slope, right behind Uris Hall.

Name: Clarence
Hometown: New York, NY
Major: Policy Analysis & Management
Year: 2019
Activities: Cornell Big Red Raas, Chinese Students Association
Fun Fact: My favorite CTB sandwich is the Nova Lox – I love salmon, capers, cream cheese, and onions on an everything bagel. It’s really good for people like me who love salmon!

Name: Zoe
Hometown: New York, NY
Major: Human Development
Year: 2018
Activities: College Mentors for Kids, Pi Beta Phi, Cayuga’s Watchers
Tat Tip: Try everything once and don’t waste time on the things you think you should do, but rather spend time on the things you are truly passionate about. Reach out and get help if you need it! It will be worth it.

Name: Molly
Hometown: New City, NY
Major: Human Development
Year: 2018
Activities: On Tap Dance Troupe, Rise Dance Group, Human Ecology Ambassadors, Zumba Instructor
Fun Fact: I speak American Sign Language!

Name: Sabrina
Hometown: San Diego, CA
Major: ILR
Year: 2019
Activities: Planned Parenthood Generation America, Consent Education, Alpha Xi Delta
Fun Fact: I did musical theatre for 11 years – I was Ursula in the Little Mermaid and Glinda from The Wizard of Oz!

Name: Matthew
Hometown: Mendham, NJ
Major: Policy Analysis & Management
Year: 2018
Activities: Cornell International Affairs Review, Cornell Music Verses, YMCA after-school programs, Cornell Jazz, Phi Kappa Tau
Tat Tip: Become comfortable reaching out to upperclassmen! They are super friendly and always eager to help out. They could even become some of your closest friends.

Name: Jahan
Hometown: Mumbai, India
Major: Economics
Year: 2019
Activities: The Roosevelt Institute, Amnesty International, Theta Delta Chi social fraternity
Tat Tip: Downtown Ithaca has so many cool events to explore – I love visiting the Commons and wish I’d taken more advantage of it earlier!

Name: TingAnn
Hometown: Medford, NJ
Major: Human Biology, Health, and Society
Year: 2018
Activities: Human Ecology Ambassadors, Cornell University EMS, Mehta Research Group, Cornell Traditions Fellow
Tat Tip: You’re up to the challenge. Trust me.

Name: Ryan
Hometown: Qatar
Major: Biology (pre-med)
Year: 2020
Activities: COAS (Coalition of pan African Scholars), BSP, CAMP Mentorship, Scientista
Fun Fact: My birthday is Christmas Eve.
Tat Tip: Be open and aware of new opportunities, including those you wouldn’t typically envision doing or joining.

Name: Darya
Hometown: Stoughton, MA; Vladimir, Russia (birth)
Major: Human Biology, Health, and Society (pre-med)
Year: 2020
Activities: Human Ecology Ambassadors, Cornell Tradition, Habitat for Humanity
Tat Tip: Do not ignore the resources available here; get help when you need it!
Fun Fact: I really love pens and I like practicing calligraphy in my free time.

Name: Christina
Hometown: Madison, WI
Major: Biology & Society
Year: 2018
Activities: Roosevelt Institute Environmental Policy Center, Global China Connection, Student Assembly Environmental Committee, Women's Club Ultimate Frisbee
Tat Tip: Napping on the Ag Quad in the sunshine is one of the most relaxing things to do at Cornell – oh and getting ice cream from the Dairy Bar is great, too!