Reserve Space

General Information

Requests for use of Tatkon Center space during the academic year (August 10th-May 31st) are handled by the Tatkon Center. These space requests may be made directly in R25 or via email to Requests for use of Tatkon Center space during the non-academic year are handled by Conference Services.

For additional room reservation information during the academic year call (607) 253-4282.

Spaces Available

Seminar Rooms, Large Classroom, Advising Office, Cafe Lounge, Reception Lounge, Library Lounge (see photos below)

Hours of Operation

Monday–Thursday 8:00 am–11:00 pm
Friday 8:00 am–5:30 pm
Saturday Closed
Sunday 3:00 pm–11:00 pm


Requests for Use of Space

The Tatkon Center is an intellectual, support and resource center for first-year students. In keeping with Tatkon goals, all requests for use of space in the Tatkon Center must be for events or classes that are specifically designed for, or are inclusive of, first-year students. First priority will be given to those parties reserving space for academic classes or academically-related events. The Tatkon Center reserves the right to decline requests that it believes are not in keeping with its mission and goals. Space can be reserved only by members of the Cornell community.

Reservation requests for the fall semester will be accepted starting:

  • April 1 for academic classes
  • June 15 for academically-related programs
  • August 15 for student organization sponsored events

Reservation requests for the spring semester will be accepted starting:

  • October 15 for academic classes
  • November 1 for academically-related programs
  • January 15 for student organization sponsored events.

Reservation requests will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis with priority given as outlined above. Responses to reservation requests will be emailed within five business days of receipt of reservation request. All reservation requests must include a start time of at least a half hour prior to the event and an end time of a half hour after the event for standard room set up and clean up. Currently there are no fees for use of space in the Tatkon Center.


Cancellation notifications must be sent via email to no later than 5 business days prior to the event to allow other events to be scheduled. Repeated failure to cancel without adequate advance notice will result in the loss of privileges to reserve space in the Tatkon Center for one semester and the immediate cancellation of any reservations during that current semester.


All reservations are tentative until a reservation confirmation is sent by the Tatkon Center to the party submitting the room reservation request. The Tatkon Center reserves the right to reschedule any event. As much prior notice as possible will be given to those groups that have previously reserved a space.


Organizations or departments that do not show up for their reservation will be notified that any other no show during that academic year will result in the loss of privileges to reserve space in the Tatkon Center for one semester and the immediate cancellation of any reservations during that current semester.

Food & Beverages

Food and non-alcoholic refreshments are permitted throughout the building. Events at which alcohol will be served must obtain prior written permission from the Program Office. Approval will only be given to those events which are catered, are in line with the Center's goals and mission, and at which only staff and/or faculty over the age of 21 will be in attendance. Catered events must also add one hour before and one hour after event end times.


All approved Cornell caterers may service events at the Tatkon Center. The usual university guidelines and approval process must be followed. Events should be registered through the university's online Event Registration Form system.


Use of and support for audiovisual (AV) equipment is available to departments and organizations with a Tatkon space reservation. Ideally the request should be made at the time of the booking.

Set-Up & Breakdown

Standard Room Layout: There are no room set-up fees for events utilizing the standard room layout (see table below for additional information). It is the responsibility of the organization or department scheduling the event to return the rooms' furniture to the position in which it was found at the start of the reservation (referred to as standard layout) prior to departing from the Tatkon Center. A fee of $40.00 per event will be charged to your University account for room(s) not returned to their original standard layout.

Clean Up

Trash receptacles are provided in each room. It is the responsibility of the organization/department scheduling the event to remove and dispose of any garbage/debris that is in excess of the trash receptacles provided at the conclusion of their event. A fee of $40.00 will be charged to your University account for room(s) where garbage/debris is in excess of the receptacles provided. Please ask your guests to recycle appropriately.


Parking is available in nearby CC and R lots. Permits are required at all times and may be purchased prior to an event from Transportation Services or a Visitor Information Booth. In addition to permit parking, there are limited visitor and metered parking opportunities next to Helen Newman Hall, Appel Commons and the Noyes Lodge.


The Tatkon Center is committed to making its programs and activities accessible to individuals with disabilities. If you will be visiting the Tatkon Center and need reasonable accommodations or have questions about physical access, contact the Tatkon Center Program Office via email at: or by phone at (607) 253-4282.

Event Registration Form (ERF)

You must complete an Event Registration Form if your event involves the consumption of alcoholic beverages, food, or is open to the general public. Your reservation will be considered pending until final approval of your ERF has been received by the Tatkon Center. University policy requires ERFs to be submitted 4-weeks before the event date. Please note that sale of merchandise/services or fundraising is not permitted at the Tatkon Center.

Size & Capacity

Visiting the Tatkon Center is the best way to accurately assess which space is most appropriate for your event. For a guided tour, please call (607) 253-4282 or feel free to stop by on your own!

Space Room Set Up Capacity
Large Classroom (room 3330) Lecture Style-Standard* 70
  Chairs Only 90
  Standing 100
Seminar Room (room 3343 or 3331) Conference Style* 18
  Chairs Only 28
  Standing 20
Cafe Lounge (room 3342) Couch, table and chairs* 25
Library Lounge  Table and chairs* 16-20
Advising Office (room 3335) Table and chairs* 3-4
Reception Lounge Table, chairs and couch 10-12

*Indicates standard room layout for space.

Photos of Spaces


Large Classroom


Seminar Room


Cafe Lounge


Cafe Lounge 2


Library Lounge


Reception Lounge


Advising Office