October 2016 Programs

OCTOBER 1, 2:30–5:00pm
Womyn’s Empowerment Clubfest
Talk w/ student orgs promoting and advocating the success of females and minorities. Presented by the Balch Womyn's Ctr.

OCTOBER 3 & 4, 4:30-6:00pm, no appointment necessary
Resume Critiques by Career Services peer advisors; open to all first years/transfers

OCTOBER 4, 5pm
The Schoolgirl Project: Norms, Dress Codes and Same-Sex Schooling:
Gender Identity and the Student Experience
Are dress codes sexist or empowering? Who benefits from same sex education? How does your gender identity color your past and current educational experience? Join the SchoolGirl Project for a student-facilitated discussion and sharing of experiences on how gender identity and norms color the academic experience. Pizza served.

OCTOBER 4, 9-10:30pm; 8:45-9:00pm, pizza served.
Livestream of the Vice Presidential Debate

Hosted by Prof. Kit Umbach, Dickson McCLU FIR.  Be an engaged voter!

OCTOBER 5, 5:00pm
Engaged Cornell Leadership Certificate Info Session, pizza served.

OCTOBER 6, 4:30pm
Co-Op Housing Info Session

Don't fear the daunting housing lottery, or the mad dash for an apartment in Collegetown. Hear from a panel of residents from some of the 8 university Co-ops, and the Inter-Co-op Union!

OCTOBER 7, 12:00–2:00pm
Postcards Home

Staying for Fall Break? Drop by for a cookie and write home!

OCTOBER 17, 5:00pm
Research Positions and Experiences: Tips and Tricks

Meet students of the Cornell Undergraduate Research Board. Hear first-hand about their research experiences. Learn how to apply to a research lab and find a research position! 
Pizza will be served!

OCTOBER 17, 7:30pm
Global Health Program

Info session with past program participants. Learn about the opportunities!

OCTOBER 18, 4:00–6:00pm
Engineering Advising Walk-In

OCTOBER 18 & 25
Let’s Meditate! (Every Tuesday) 9:00–9:30pm, co-sponsored by Gannett

Cultivating a practice of mindfulness is a smart investment in your career, your health, and your overall happiness. Individuals who meditate seem to feel better, do better, and find that the practice sustains them in their personal and professional lives. This weekly Guided Meditation Series offers an opportunity for all members of the Cornell community to practice a relaxing and restorative technique supported by scientific research.

OCTOBER 19, 4:45pm
Let's Talk About Consent, Baby
Presented by Planned Parenthood Generation Action & Consent Ed
A conversation about consent, bystander intervention & local healthcare resources.

OCTOBER 19, 9-10:30pm; 8:45-9:00pm, pizza served.
Livestream of the 3rd Presidential Debate

Hosted by Sahara Byrne, Mews FIR, and Catherine Appert, Low Rise 6/7 FIR

OCTOBER 20, 2-4pm

Chat with Brian Patchcoski, Director of Cornell's LGBT Resource Center.
All questions & identities welcome!

OCTOBER 21, 4:00-5:00pm
This event has been moved to 222D Computing and Communications Center (CCC)
Switching Colleges?
One-on-One assistance. No appointment needed.

OCTOBER 23, 5:00pm
Alternative Breaks Info Session

Learn about the many student-led service learning spring break trips. Travel while addressing social justice issues. Pizza served.

OCTOBER 25, 4-6pm
Engineering Advising

OCTOBER 25 & 26, 7:30-9:30pm
Math Drop-In Tutoring

October 27, 4:30pm, Room 3330
Workshop: Personal Statements and Resumes for Internal Transfer and Concurrent Degree Applicants

If you have any questions or want some help crafting your personal statement and/or resume, please attend this workshop.
Free and open to all Cornell Students
Sponsored by the Tatkon Center for First-Year Students & The Office of Internal Transfer and Concurrent Degrees