Instructor Information

The Tatkon Center develops, promotes, and co-sponsors programs that support and inspire new students, pique their curiosity about the world, and expose them to a wide range of experiences and viewpoints.

The Center also hosts dozens of first-year writing seminars each year as well as Learning Where You Live courses and math and chemistry course-related study groups.  The Center works with program partners across campus to be a useful gateway resource to all that Cornell offers.

If you are interested in offering a course-related or extracurricular program of particular interest to first-year or transfer students, or holding office hours or review sessions here for new students, please email us at:  Our goal is to make your experience at the Tatkon Center the best it can possibly be by providing you with great classroom support and comfortable facilities. The center is staffed over 75 hours each week with upper-level students.

Audiovisual Support

All classrooms are equipped with room-darkening shades, LCD projector, networked computer, BluRay DVD player, and VGA laptop cables.  Please make audio visual support requests at least 2 business days in advance either by emailing, in person at the Tatkon Center front desk, or by phone at (607) 253-4282. Ideally requests are made at the time the room is reserved.

We require Tatkon student staff to set up and take down all audiovisual equipment. If you are planning to use audiovisual equipment, we recommend your coming to the Center at least 10 minutes prior to the class/event to allow staff time to set up equipment, test your media (e.g. DVD) and confirm that it is running properly

Facilities and General Classroom Information

The Tatkon Center has many beautiful and comfortable spaces and is entirely wireless. Faculty often find it perfect for meeting with students or colleagues over coffee from Carol's Cafe or while grabbing a quick bite to eat. The Center’s location within the “first-year village” makes it particularly convenient for evening gatherings.

Our classrooms are well-lit and air-conditioned. The seminar rooms are set up boardroom style, with white boards, markers, and erasers, and accommodate approximately 18. Our large classroom is set up lecture style, with a large chalkboard, chalk, and erasers. The layout can accommodate up to approximately 80 or may be re-organized for smaller groups as the furniture is moveable. Special furniture arrangements must be made at least 2 days in advance.

If you would like to visit the facility, feel free to email us at If you are teaching at the Tatkon Center and have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact Margherita Fabrizio, Director at (607) 255-8721.