Families of New Students

Welcome to the Cornell community! We encourage you to participate in the many family programs and events offered during Orientation (in August and in January) and First-Year Family Weekend.

First-Year Family Weekend

Each autumn, Cornell opens its doors to the parents and family members of new students. This special weekend gives families the opportunity to experience Cornell from their student’s perspective, as well as explore the rich offerings on campus and in the local community.

First-Year Family Weekend will take place October 19-21, 2018. Learn more about the weekend.

Orientation for Families

A short family orientation is offered in both January and August to welcome parents and family members to the campus, and to introduce them to Cornell. Additional details are provided on the August and January Orientation pages.

Family Guide

The Family Guide includes information for families regarding the transition to college, academics, student life on campus, and so much more. Please use this guide as you support your student's journey at Cornell.

A printed copy of the guide is mailed to the parents of new students during the summer.


Additional Resources for Cornell Families

parents.cornell.edu provides useful links and information for Cornell families, including a monthly parent newsletter.

visitithaca.com provides comprehensive visitor information including area lodging and transportation. Visitors are strongly encouraged to make travel plans, including hotel reservations, well in advance of busy weekends i.e. orientation, parents weekend, commencement.