Benefits of Greek Community


The primary purpose for attending Cornell is to receive a world-class education…academics must come first. All fraternities and sororities expect each member to fulfill his or her academic potential and provide various forms of assistance to members. Most chapters have a scholarship officer who initiates these programs within the chapter to foster sound study habits and promote high academic achievement. Furthermore, chapters also reward scholastic achievement with awards, scholarships, and various forms of recognition. As a community, each year we recognize those organizations and students with the highest grades.  

Leadership Development

Membership in a fraternity or sorority offers numerous opportunities for leadership development. Workshops and seminars are presented regularly to chapter members helping them develop decision-making skills, strengthen their communication techniques, and encourage involvement in the community. Leadership positions are available to members at many levels: students may choose to volunteer on chapter committees, become chapter officers, or serve as officers at the governing council level. National organizations, local alumni boards, and Cornell staff provide a wide range of leadership training and educational programs which help make the student experience rewarding and beneficial.  

Philanthropy and Service

Greek members take it as a part of their mission to support their national and locally supported philanthropies (not-for-profit causes). Throughout the year each chapter spends time fundraising and volunteering to help their philanthropies of choice. Some of the fundraising and hands-on service efforts include pancake breakfasts, dodge ball tournaments, 5K runs, volunteering at elementary schools, visiting retirement communities, taking children to Cornell athletic events, and environmental improvement programs such as Adopt-A-Highway. The time spent together on these events is one of the many opportunities for members to bond while making a difference in someone's life.  

Networking and Lifelong Membership

Membership in a fraternity and sorority extends beyond the college years. In fact, there are a significant number of Cornell alumni who give their time, talent and treasure to help to make sure this experience is available for the next generation. Many of our organizations maintain an alumni database and host alumni/undergraduate events for networking purposes.