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The Fraternity and Sorority Event Management Guidelines manual is an educational document intended to guide individual fraternities and sororities in maintaining recognition under Cornell University’s Recognition Policy and to suggest risk management practices for social events hosted by independent fraternities and sororities to promote a safe environment for students. As set forth in the Cornell University Recognition Policy for Fraternities and Sororities, the Recognition Policy is not intended in any way to alter the legal relationship between Cornell University and fraternities and sororities. Each fraternity and sorority is, and remains, an independent legal entity responsible for its own actions and for meeting its own legal duties and obligations.


  • To reduce the risk incurred by chapter officers, chapter members, and volunteers when the chapter provides alcohol to members and guests through the promotion of safe and responsible behavior.
  • To promote compliance with local and state code regulations and laws, University policies, the Fraternity and Sorority Community Core Principles, and all Inter/national policies.
  • To improve the Greek community’s relationship with the rest of the student body, the University administration, the Inter/national governing bodies, Ithaca community, and its law enforcement agencies.
  • To affirm the community’s tradition of and commitment to responsible and innovative self- government.

Since each of the above goals relies on responsible actions by members of individual chapters, Greek organizations are expected to adopt these event management guidelines.


The possession, use, and/or consumption of alcoholic beverages during an official chapter event, or in any situation sponsored or endorsed by the chapter, is expected to be in compliance with any and all applicable laws and regulations of the state, county, city, university and Inter/national organization. Fraternities and sororities are expected to conduct their activities in the spirit of social responsibility embodied in this document. The fraternity and sorority community supports a safe and healthy social environment, which promotes individual and chapter responsibility. Activities not specifically covered by this resolution, but which are in violation of its intent, will be subject to review by the Greek Judicial Board.

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