Core Principles

The Core Principles of the Greek System at Cornell are:

I. Alignment of Values
Chapters and members will continuously strive to operate in consistent alignment with University and respective organizational founding values, missions, and objectives.

II. Academic Excellence
Chapters encourage academic excellence for all members and promote an environment supportive of intellectual and personal development.

III. Respect for New Members and Initiates
Chapters will maintain programs of member education that are designed to enhance individual development, encourage participation in University and Community activities, and provide opportunities for leadership.

IV. Commitment to Service
The Greek community will develop and lead out-of-classroom learning opportunities through active community service and philanthropy activities.

V. Social Responsibility
The Greek system has contributed to traditions at Cornell University since its founding. Its place in offering residential alternatives and hosting social activities must continue as safe, mature settings. Greeks will not condone the harmful use of alcohol or controlled substances by its members or guests and will not tolerate disrespectful treatment of any person.

VI. Promote Citizenship and Inclusivity
Chapters, like the University, value diversity and inclusiveness and are committed to remain relevant.

VII. Self-Governance
The Greek Community allows Chapters to exercise the privileges of self-governance in a responsible manner at all times.

VIII. Leadership Development
Each chapter acknowledges its responsibility to provide leadership development opportunities to all members of the organization.

IX. Healthy Living-Learning Environments
Chapters agree to create, promote, and maintain a healthy, safe, and responsible residential environment when applicable.

X. Life-Long Relationships and Affinity
Chapter undergraduates and alumni recognize the importance and value of building and sustaining the life-long, personal and organizational benefits founded in fraternal membership