What We Do

Leadership Development and Educational Programming

  • Plan and implement training and leadership seminars for student officers, new members, and general membership
  • Promote community service within the fraternity and sorority system
  • Plan and implement Delta Series for new members
  • Oversee judicial process for chapter violations


  • Assist chapters in integrating the academic and co-curricular aspects of fraternity and sorority life
  • Advise IFC, MGFC, and PA in governing the fraternity and sorority system
  • Advise over 60 chapters, which includes 33% of the student population (~4,800+ students)

Database Management 

  • Maintain database and report on chapter grade ranking
  • Maintain rosters and signed anti-hazing contracts for each new member
  • Oversee chapter compliance with liability insurance requirements, certificate of compliance deadlines, and annual occupancy rating
  • Maintain housing contracts and keys for each resident living in a University-owned Greek facility

Event Management 

  • Co-coordinate recruitment activities for over 1,000 students annually 
  • Register approximately 20 social events weekly 
  • Co-coordinate events such as Homecoming, Faculty Reception, Andrew Dickson White Annual Summit for Greeks, Susan H. Murphy ’73 PhD ’94 Fraternity and Sorority Awards Ceremony

External Relations 

  • Serve as liaison to chapters’ house corporation boards, alumni advisory boards, and national organizations
  • Serve as liaison to Alumni Interfraternity Council, Alumnae Panhellenic Advisory Council, and Alumni Multicultural Greek & fraternity Council
  • Coordinate Fraternity and Sorority Advisory Council meetings


  • Coordinate facility maintenance and fire-safety inspections of University-owned properties
  • Assist student leaders in financial management of University-owned properties
  • Oversee coordination and implementation of major renovations to University-owned properties
  • Facilitate building campaigns for private and University-owned houses