Use of Ho Plaza

  1. Willard Straight Hall staff are responsible for managing an area of Ho Plaza that extends between the main entrances to The Campus Store and Willard Straight Hall, and across the front of Willard Straight Hall to the south entrance of the building. Spaces can be reserved for sales and information activities. Reservations must be made at least fifteen (15) working days in advance by completing a reservation request in the R25 scheduling system, and  completing the Event Registration Form (formerly called the UUP).
  2. No activity may occur on the front steps of Willard Straight Hall.
  3. Two (2) Activity Areas have been designated adjacent to the entrances to WSH and The Campus Store. These may be reserved for special activities such as sales for food and beverages, BBQ's, food carts, "see-saws", dunking booths, etc.
  4. A maximum of eight (8) spaces have been designated for information and sales activities. Check with Reservation Staff for exact locations.
  5. Each space is 10' x 10'. One 2.5' x 6' table and folding chair will be provided. Sponsors may bring in equipment of their own, provided that it does not extend beyond the 10' x 10' area.
  6. Tables are put out by WSH staff at approximately 9am. No Tables will be placed out after 11am. A MINIMUM 14' LANE MUST BE CLEAR AT ALL TIMES DOWN THE CENTER OF THE PLAZA FOR EMERGENCY VEHICLES.
  7. Amplified sound is permitted between 12 noon and 1pm ONLY and this must be recorded on the reservation request and on the Event Registration Form.
  8. VEHICLES ARE NOT PERMITTED ON HO PLAZA. Users of spaces may unload/load before 8am and after 5pm ONLY if they have obtained permission from the Traffic Department, 120 Maple Avenue in advance (255-4600).
  9. No indoor selling space is available in case of inclement weather. Inquiries regarding refunds should be directed to the WSH Cashier in Room 401.
  10. Storage space is NOT available. WSH assumes no responsibility for the organization's or vendor's items or equipment.
  11. Current Ho Plaza rental rates are available here.  The rental fee may be waved if a letter from the charitable organization is presented at the time of making the reservation (see Refund Information for Charitable Events on Ho Plaza)