Refund Information

Refund Information for Charitable Events on Ho Plaza

All requests for refunds of table fees paid must be supported by a letter from the charitable organization benefiting from the donations. This must be turned in on or before the event.

In order to be accepted, a letter must meet the following criteria:

  • be an original letter (no reproductions)
  • be on charitable organization's stationary
  • be dated
  • be signed by an officer of the charitable organization
  • include the date(s) charitable event was held
  • include name of student organization holding/participating in charitable event.

The charitable organization must be known and recognized within the local community.

The letter must be taken to the Building Coordinator, Room 525 WSH. Refunds generally take 2-3 weeks and will be by University Check for payments made by cash or check. Refunds for payments made through university accounts will be processed through a journal transfer into your account.

All charitable endeavors (i.e. sales, fund-raisers) require completion of use of Use of University Property Form (UUPF) prior to the event. Refer to "Sales and Fundraising Guidelines" located in 520 WSH for more specific information when planning your event.  You may also contact the Office of Community Relations for information.

Please direct any questions to the Building Coordinator (607) 255-3513.