Posting & Decorating Policy

All users of Willard Straight Hall are expected to respect the facility. The Straight has been serving organizations since 1925 and hopefully will be in use for at least many more years. The original woodwork and murals are generally irreplaceable.  Please be considerate and careful when you use it.

  1. No display material of any sort may be affixed by any means to the murals, woodwork, doors, walls, entrances, or any space except approved bulletin boards and poster stands.
  2. Construction, painting, and other "hazardous" preparatory work for displays must be confined to the Servery (storage area off the Memorial Room)
  3. Wires, screw eyes, etc., can be provided for almost any decorating needs upon request.  Please contact a student Manager on Duty or a custodian for assistance.
  4. No tape, thumb tacks, pins, or nails may be used on woodwork, murals, or furniture.
  5. All decorations must meet minimum life safety standards as interpreted by Environmental Health and Safety.
  6. If decorations are planned, the organization is expected to remove them immediately after the event.
  7. Seasonal decorations must NOT include items with direct religious connotation, such as crosses, crescents, angels, etc.  Violations of the Willard Straight Hall Posting and Decorating Policy are subject to a $20.00 fine per incident, plus actual damages, if any.
  8. NOTE: If special assistance is needed, groups should state specific needs on the Room Reservation Request.