Lobby Policy

  • The lobby of Willard Straight Hall has been designated to be used for public information purposes only, which may include: petitioning, surveying, and general distribution of information materials. NO SALES OF ANY KIND ARE PERMITTED IN THE LOBBY, (i.e.,donations, raffles, subscriptions, candy/bake sales, etc.).
  • Use of lobby space has been designated for use by registered student organizations and other University affiliated groups as outlined in the Willard Straight Hall Room Reservation Policy.  Non-Cornell/outside individuals or groups may request use of this space and are subject to approval as well as payment of a fee.  
  • Reservations must be made at least five (5) working days in advance through the university R25 room scheduling system.
  • There are five (5) areas of display in the Lobby which are available. Willard Straight Hall staff will provide a table in each area. A poster stand may be requested on the R25 Room Reservation Form.  
  • The name of the sponsoring organization must appear in any display. The group reserving the space must be the group that actually uses the space, and a member of the group must be present during all activities.  Displays must be kept within the boundary of the table and/or poster stand. All users are requested to plan their displays with respect to the rights and sensitivities of others.
  • Visual aids and/or sound may be used at the table if requested at the time the reservation is made. Sound must remain at a low level. No more than two (2) groups may have audio displays simultaneously. Equipment must be reserved on the Room Reservation Form.  
  • Materials may be distributed from the tables only.  In no circumstance may group members approach WSH visitors who are passing through the lobby.  
  • No materials may be attached to walls, woodwork, murals, etc., nor may any materials come in contact with the murals. Refer to Posting and Decorating Policy for more specific information.