Food & Beverage Policy

Food and beverages will be allowed in all reserved rooms, under the following conditions:

  1. When a room reservation request is made, note that food and beverages will be served during the meeting or event. Please see the WSH Alcohol Policy if the group intends to provide alcoholic beverages. 
  2. Complete a Use of University Property Form which will describe your arrangements. 
  3. On-site catering for university events must be provided by a university approved caterer.
  4. For catering requirement for private events, please click here
  5. Any food or beverage containers brought into a room must either be taken out after use or left in the provided trash containers.
  6. Any spills or debris must be cleaned up and the room left in the condition in which it was found. If assistance is needed, contact the custodial staff at 255-6609, or ask the cashier at the WSH Desk to page a custodian.
  7. If a room is not found to be clean upon arrival, notify either a custodial or the Manager On Duty so that the room can be checked and cleaned.
  8. Any group that leaves a room in unsatisfactory condition will be fined