Fines & Fees

Fines and fees for misuse of Willard Straight Hall will be charged according to the following schedule.  If you have any questions around room reservations and fines/fees, please contact the Room Scheduling Coordinator at 607-255-5368 or via email at

Cancellation Policy

  • Cornell groups: Cancellations must be made three working days prior to the event date for all rooms in WSH except reservations for the Memorial Room and/or any rooms which have been reserved with a special room set-up. Cancellations for these rooms must be made five working days prior to event date. There is a $25 fee for late cancellations which applies whether or not the particular group must pay to use the space.
  • Non-Cornell groups: Cancellations must be made 20 working days prior to event date for all rooms. The fine for late cancellations will be the forfeit of any deposit or pre-payment.


The fine for not using a reserved room will be the room rent plus the Supervisor's and Custodian's actual time incurred to prepare the room set-up for that group. For groups that do not pay for the facility, a flat rate of $30 will be assessed plus additional related charges such as staff time for the room set-up. Future standing room reservations are subject to cancellation.

Alcohol Use Fines

Violations of University Policy 4.8, Alcohol and Other Drugs, may result in a fine of up to $200 as well as denial of any future reservation requests. Violators may be referred to the Judicial Administrator.

Cleaning Fees

Failure to leave a room in the same condition in which it was found including rearrangement of furniture back to the original lay out, will result in a charge for Custodial time ($30 per hour) plus any damages.

Exceeding Reservation Time

A fee of $50 per hour or fraction of an hour past scheduled event end time will be charged plus Manager on Duty actual time.

Posting Decorating Fines

If any group violates the WSH Posting and Decorating Policy the group will be charged a fine of $20 per incident, plus actual damages, if any.

Note: Unpaid fines and/or fees will result in denial of any future reservation requests.