Reserve Space

Room Reservation Policy

Information describing available rooms, capacity, and rates for use of Willard Straight Hall is available here.

1. Registered Cornell Students, registered student organizations, and other university affiliated groups may request use of rooms or areas in Willard Straight Hall and/or space on Ho Plaza by using the university R25 room scheduling system.

2. Non-Cornell groups may request use of space in Willard Straight Hall by contact the Room Scheduling Coordinator at 607-255-5368, via email at, or via the reservation form. These events are subject to approval related to university guidelines and restrictions, and as a result, not all event requests can be honored.

3. Requests for standing, weekly room reservations may be made at the beginning of each semester by completing a request through the R25 room scheduling system

4. No group may have more than three room or space reservations scheduled in advance at any one time during the semester. A standing room reservation is considered one reservation. Due to higher demand, there is a limit of two reservations per organization per semester.

5. All reservations are tentative pending receipt of required paperwork (payment of deposit/fees, room setup info, etc.). Required paperwork will be included in the email confirming that your reservation request has been received. If required paperwork is not completed in a timely manner, the room reservation may be cancelled.

6. No furniture or fixtures may be moved from any room. You will receive a room setup request form when your reservation is confirmed. Requests must be submitted no less than five working days prior to the event.

7. All rooms must be returned to their original condition (except reservations with approved room setups). If they are not, the organization will be charged an amount at least equal to custodial time. If any damage is done, the organization will be charged an amount at least equal to all WSH costs, including custodial time, cleaning, and damages.

8. All persons making reservations are encouraged to refer to the Fines and Fees policy which contains information on cancellation policies, fees and fines associated with use of Willard Straight Hall; list of current rate schedules

9. Willard Straight Hall assumes no responsibility for groups' display items or materials.