Responsibilities of Student Organizations

Organizations must:

  • adhere to all local, state, and federal laws and regulations, and the Campus Code of Conduct
  • consult with appropriate departments or university representatives when large, unusual, or potentially risky events are planned
  • ensure continuity from year to year by training new leaders and keeping good records
  • follow all university and departmental policies and procedures
  • have an advisor who is a full time faculty or staff member at Cornell University's Ithaca campus (advisor must be not be on sabbatical)
  • have submitted a current constitution and bylaws to the Campus Activities Office
  • inform the Campus Activities Office of changes in organization in a timely fashion via their Campus Groups page
  • manage university resources wisely, ethically, and according to university and department guidelines
  • obtain insurance coverage specific to the organization as deemed necessary by the organization
  • operate in a manner consistent with the goals and standards of the university
  • provide adequate lead time when services are needed from university departments
  • register/renew organization with the Campus Activities Office each fall and update any changes in their Campus Groups page
  • remain in good standing with the university (organizations not in good standing will be referred to the appropriate university authorities)