Privileges of Student Organizations

Once completely registered, approved, and in good standing, student organizations are entitled to:

  • apply for organization funds from the SAFC and GPSAFC, and request funding from other campus sources
  • apply for mailboxes in WSH
  • be included on the list of student organizations on the student organizations web site
  • apply to participate in the annual ClubFest (sponsored by Welcome Weekend committee)
  • receive club liability insurance coverage
  • request permission to conduct fund-raising activities on campus
  • request permission to use university property and services for meetings and/or events (pending appropriate approval, if/when necessary)
  • take advantage of the many tools available to registered student organizations through Campus Groups, including free web space hosting
  • request to sponsor programs and activities
  • use the event-planning consultation services of the Campus Activities Office, Conference & Event Services, or other on-campus resources