Student Employment

Campus Activities has many employment opportunities for students. Each position offers a unique opportunity to further support the goals of Campus Activities.

Community Center Programs

Community Center Programs (CCP) has several employment opportunities for undergraduate students who receive Federal Work study or are part of Cornell Tradition.  They include roles that specialize in program planning and interpersonal engagement, print marketing and social media, human resources, and purchasing & accounting.  Each position requires an 8-10 hour weekly commitment including team meetings.

  • On-Shift Crew and Managers: Working 8-10 hours a week, 40 On-Shift Crew and Managers plan programs and activities to engage the North Campus community each evening in Appel and Robert Purcell Community Centers.  Skills developed include event planning, effective teamwork, diversity awareness, leadership skills and interpersonal engagement. Opportunities for advancement are integral to the employment structure.
  • Marketing Team:  Six marketing team members are responsible for designing posters, flyers and signage for CCP events. Past employees have come to CCP from a variety of colleges, including AAP and Arts & Sciences. Artistic talent and the capacity to work both independently and as part of a team define the people selected for this position.
  • Social Media Specialist:  The person in this role conceptualizes and implements a far-reaching social media strategy to publicize CCP and its daily events. Outlets include Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and the Cornell Calendar. Requirements include the ability to be self-directed and to provide effective leadership to peers.
  • Acquisitions Specialist:  This position supports the behind-the-scenes financial account management and purchasing that are foundational to the successful CCP programs. Attention to detail, a high level of initiative and creative problem-solving are qualities that have proved essential in this role.
  • Student Personnel:  The Student Personnel employee helps manage the human resources aspects of the 50 students that CCP employs. This includes hiring, timecard management, and maintaining up-to-date records for each student employee. This role is an excellent opportunity for someone interested in pursuing a career in Human Resources to get hands-on experience within a well-established organization.

Night Managers

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WSH Resource Center

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