Use of Cornell Name, Logo & Artwork

Cornell, like most major colleges and universities, has a licensing program that regulates the use of its marks (i.e., names, trademarks, insignia, logos, images, and the like) on items such as T-shirts, caps, key chains, mugs, pens, etc. This process helps prevent bootlegging, ensures that Cornell marks are used appropriately only on products approved by the university, and that the products are manufactured under a code of conduct that prohibits sweatshop conditions. All uses of university marks, including those of schools and colleges, departments, programs, and student organizations and projects that are identified with Cornell, must be approved before any item can be ordered and produced.

The application form for obtaining permission to use marks on a manufactured item must be completed and submitted with a copy of the design for which approval is being sought to the Campus Activities Office, 521 Willard Straight Hall.

For your request to be approved you must select a manufacturer that is licensed by Cornell University or the Collegiate Licensing Company. A list of licensed manufacturers is available from the Campus Activities Office, 521 Willard Straight Hall, the Office of University Communications, in 308 Day Hall, or the Purchasing Department, at East Hill Plaza. The list can also be found online.

A separate request form must be submitted for each manufacturer selected. Because your signature and artwork are required, this request must be submitted in writing.

Once approved, please attach a copy of the form to your purchase-order requisition. In addition, a copy of this form and artwork must be presented to the manufacturer before the items can be ordered.

Please note that an approved design will not require subsequent review and approval provided a licensed manufacturer is used and there is no change in the design.
Generally, approvals will not place limits on the quantity of goods to be produced.

If you have any questions or need assistance, contact:

Roxanne Edsall-Beebe
Campus Activities Office
521 Willard Straight Hall
Ithaca, NY 14853
Telephone: (607) 255-4169
Fax: (607) 255-1116

For more information about Student Organizations, contact the Campus Activities Office at (607) 255-4169, or email