There are a number of resources available for student organizations, departments, academic units, and others who plan on holding an event on campus. 

Cornell's Event Planning Website
A great place to start for students, faculty/staff, alumni & visitors.

Event Registration Form
(formerly called the Use of University Property form, or UUP)
This form is required for most events held on campus.  The guidelines page outlines general policies and procedures when sponsoring an event on campus.

Student Organization Handbook
An online handbook with basic information for student organizations (responsibilities, privileges, etc.).

Student Organization Event Planning Handbook
An online handbook with helpful information for student organizations who wish to plan events on campus.

Cornell Events Calendar
Don't forget to promote your event!

Cornell University Policies and Procedures
A complete list of Cornell policies.

Event Management Planning Team (EMPT)

The Events Management Planning Team (EMPT) is a committee that can assist you with the planning of your events. EMPT is made up of representatives from various offices throughout the university including the Campus Activities Office, Dean of Students, Cornell Police, Environmental Health and Safety, Risk Management and Insurance, Parking and Transportation Services, and Community Relations.

EMPT meets on Thursdays at 3:00 pm (as needed) in the CU Police Department Conference Room in Barton Hall. These meetings allow event planners the opportunity to consult directly with university officials about their events, and often result in obtaining approvals for their Event Registration Forms.

Note: EMPT members meet on an as-needed basis throughout the year with students, faculty, and staff who are planning events. Email EMPT or call (607) 255-2070 for more information regarding the EMPT meeting schedule, or to be placed on the agenda for an upcoming meeting.