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Welcome to Cornell University's Event Registration Form

Cornell University's Event Registration Form is a tool used to help event planners connect with university officials in order to make their event planning experience efficient and painless. 

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Do I need to complete an Event Registration Form?

To determine whether or not you need to register your event, and when, check out this list. First, however, understand the difference between an EVENT and a MEETING. EVENTS are generally open activities where anyone can attend (ticketed or not-ticketed), regardless of location. MEETINGS are generally closed sessions limited to a department or select group or people (i.e. student organization meetings, training sessions, etc.). MEETINGS generally do not need to be registered using this form unless they meet one of the criteria below (inviting a dignitary to speak, pot-luck meals, etc.).

If your event falls under multiple categories listed below with conflicting time frames (2 weeks vs. 4 weeks), default to the 4 week time frame.

These events DO NOT require an ERF, unless they also fit in a category listed below:

  • Meetings, since they are closed sessions limited to a department or select group or people (e.g., a student organization or Greek organization)
  • Closed events that are “invite only”
  • Events where the only food is pre-prepared by a commercial entity (e.g., pizza, snacks, subs, dessert)
  • Tabling used to promote an event/organization (no exchange of money and only pre-prepared food at table)
  • Outside rallies, demonstrations or protests that don’t have amplification or are amplified only between noon and 1:00 outside the Straight or Day Hall
  • Venues that have an occupancy of less than 50 people

These events require an ERF to be submitted TWO WEEKS in advance:

  • Events that have food from an approved caterer
  • Tabling when the group is collecting money (e.g., Krispy Kreme fundraisers)
  • Events that will take place in a venue that have an occupancy between 50 – 150 people that end before 11:00 pm.
  • Outdoor events that have amplified sound other than at the noon hour outside the Straight or Day Hall
  • Temporary outdoor displays such as posters on the quad (larger setups that include more complex structures may require 4 week's notice)
  • Events where money is collected or tickets are being sold
  • Students who use drones for recreational purposes
  • Events that involve student performers (musical acts, comedians, actors) in small venues (under 150 capacity)

These events require an ERF to be submitted FOUR WEEKS in advance:

  • Events that involve a dignitary or a performing artist from outside the Cornell community (e.g., musical acts, comedians, actors)
  • Events that involve alcohol
  • Events that involve cooking or serving home-cooked food (rather than having the event catered or serving pre-prepared food; this includes bake sales or tabling with home-cooked food)
  • Events that have the potential to go past 11:00 p.m.
  • Events that allow non-Cornell community members to attend
  • Events that will be held in a large venue or space that accommodates 150 people or more
  • Any use of a drone for commercial purposes
  • Events that will use tents, stages or other temporary structures
  • Events that will require a permit from a governmental agency
  • Events that include high risk physical activities (e.g., open flames; road races, dunk tanks, see-saws, inflatables, or organized competitive sporting events sponsored by Greek or other student organizations)

Why would I need to complete an event registration form 4 weeks in advance?

Depending on the complexity of your event (food, alcohol, setup, etc.), you will need enough time to prepare certain requirements. These requirements may include food permits, temporary structure permits (stage, tents, etc.), crowd manager training, etc. For more information about preparing for your event, including information about caterers, alcohol, food trucks, etc., visit the Risk Management & Insurance website. For information about various permits, crowd management, and other event health & safety tips, visit the Environmental Health & Safety website.

** PLEASE NOTE: If your event is not registered within the time frame indicated, the form will not be processed, and your event will not be approved. If you're not sure whether your event should be registered, please feel free to write to us at events@cornell.edu, or call (607) 255-2070.


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Use this option if you've already submitted an Event Registration Form, and would like to check the status of your event.

Looking for information about event planning at Cornell University?

If you're looking for basic information about planning an event at Cornell University, visit the Event Planning Handbook. Information includes:

  • Reserving space on campus
  • Using Cornell's name, logo, or artwork
  • Conducting sales on campus
  • Making your event accessible
  • Food and alcohol at events
  • Open fires
  • Noise permits
  • Events at fraternity and sorority houses
  • Events Management Planning Team (EMPT)

Changing information about your event, or canceling your event

If any information about your event has changed, or if your event will no longer take place, please send an email to us at erf@cornell.edu or call (607) 255-2070. Be sure to include the sponsor's name, and the event title in your email.

Student Organization Event Planning Handbook

This on-line handbook provides valuable resources including policies and procedures for holding events on campus, links and contact information for campus departments, event planning checklists, and other resources you may find helpful while planning your event.