Class Pride

Fostering class unity and pride while enriching the student experience since 1868.

Cornell University Class Councils

The Cornell University Class Councils is a student government organization that nurtures connectedness and pride within each of Cornell University’s undergraduate classes. As the oldest student organization on campus, the Class Councils develops community, preserves university traditions, and fosters student collaborations. It is one of the only organizations on campus where every student is a member. The Class Councils' mission is to foster a sense of pride, leadership, and community within each of Cornell University’s four undergraduate classes, as well as Cornell as a whole, during the four years students are on campus. This mission is achieved through a series of events and programming designed to appeal to the diverse nature of our campus community. In addition, Class Councils is the foundation organization that oversees Senior Days, Convocation, Zincks Senior Society and the Cornell Bus Program.  

Learn more about Class Councils. Contact the Class Councils.

Senior Days

Senior Days is an initiative of the Class Councils. Senior Days are the days between the end of final exams and Commencement Weekend. Senior Days are meant to serve as a closure to students’ Cornell career and inspire students to continue fostering friendships and memories. In addition to fun/social events there are many events that are adventure filled and promote involvement in community engagement. Senior Days for the Class of 2019 will take place May 19-23. Contact the Senior Days Planning Committee.

Senior Convocation

Senior Convocation has a complex and rich history. Born as a student initiated program over 36 years ago, Senior Convocation has evolved from a small supplemental student program to a university-wide event that draws thousands of parents, families, friends and graduates annually. In 2001, the senior class awarded the first Convocation Medallion, an award that recognizes an individual for their meaningful contributions, success in instilling the desire to learn, and dedication to undergraduate achievement and excellence. In 2004, President William Jefferson Clinton was the Convocation speaker and this necessitated expanding the event location to Schoellkopf Field (capacity 27,000+). As a result, expectations from students, families and the community for convocation grew. View the list of past Senior Convocation Speakers. Learn more about Senior Convocation.

Cornell Bus Program

The Cornell Bus Program is a Class Council's service for students. The program provides alternative, cost friendly transportation to the Syracuse Airport during student breaks. For the 2018-19 academic year, bus trips will be offered during Fall Break, Thanksgiving Break, Winter Break, February Break and Spring Break. Pickup locations are available on North Campus, West Campus, and Collegetown. Tickets are $30 each way. Students may also serve as Bus Captains for each trip. Bus Captains have additional responsibilities and serve as a liaison to the Swarthout Bus Company. In return for their service, the Bus Captain will receive a free bus ticket for a current or future ride with the Cornell Bus Program. Purchase tickets and learn more about the Cornell Bus Program. Contact the Cornell Bus Program.

Zincks Senior Society

Zincks is a Senior Society. The tradition was established in the 1890’s when students would met at Theodore Zinck's local pub the Hotel Brunswick, to socialize and develop friendships. After Zinck passed away many local pubs provided a haven for students. When the last “Zinck’s” closed in the 1960’s, celebrating the spirit of Zinck’s became a tradition for undergraduates. The spirit and camaraderie lives on in many ways. As students graduated and moved on they took the tradition with them, creating the International Spirit of Zinck’s Night that is celebrated around the globe each fall. To carry on the spirit and fellowship of Theodore Zinck, many local Ithaca restaurants and bars show their support and offer a wide variety of discounts. Contact the Zincks Senior Society planning commitee.


The Cornell University Class Councils is advised by Karli Buday, Assistant Director, Community Engagement and Class Pride.