Campus Activities Advised Organizations

We advise the following clubs and organizations:

  • Cornell Concert Commission (CCC)
    The Cornell Concert Commission provides opportunities for students to select, promote, and produce large-scale concerts at Cornell University. Past CCC events include No Doubt, Incubus, Stone Temple Pilots, Billy Joel (with CUPB), Adam Sandler (with CUPB), Dave Matthews, Ani DiFranco, Wyclef Jean, A Tribe Called Quest, Bela Fleck, Bob Dylan and Phil Lesh, No Doubt, Incubus, Counting Crows, and Guster. For more information, email CCC is advised by Jessie White.
  • Cornell Productions
    Cornell Productions is a student-staffed and student-managed sound and lighting support unit within Campus Activities.  Our mission is twofold:  first, to provide sound, recording, and lighting services of professional quality at very reasonable prices; and second, to provide experience for Cornell Students in live sound reinforcement, stage lighting, event management, and business management.  Cornell Productions caters to registered student organizations and University departments.  For more information, email Cornell Productions is advised by William Esty.
  • Cornell University Program Board (CUPB)
    The Cornell University Program Board provides large-scale lecture and entertainment events for the Cornell and Ithaca communities. Past CUPB events include Dave Barry, Oliver Stone, Earvin "Magic" Johnson, John Douglas, Paula Poundstone, Elie Wiesel, Billy Joel (with CCC), Adam Sandler (with (CCC), Joycelyn Elders, David Breashears, Judy Shepard, Second City Comedy Troupe, Dave Barry, Jon Stewart, Jay Mohr, Gloria Steinem, Bill Cosby, Margaret Cho, and James Earl Jones. For more information, email CUPB is advised by Jessie White.
  • CUTonight Funding Commission
    CUTonight is a late-night funding organization that brings innovative, diverse events to the Cornell campus. CUTC grants up to $5,000 to student groups that want to put on an event on a Friday or Saturday that start after 9:00 pm and end no earlier than 1:00 am. Feel free to apply, and please reference the website for more information. CUTonight is advised by Karli Buday.
  • Slope Day Programming Board
    The Slope Day Programming Board is responsible for planning and promoting events for Slope Day. The members work with staff on details including policies/guidelines, entertainment, food, promotions, and other activities associated with the event. For more information, email Slope Day Programming Board is advised by Joe Scaffido.
  • Student Union Board (SUB)
    SUB provides activities in and around Willard Straight Hall. The Student Union Board is advised by Denice Cassaro. (Formerly Willard Straight Hall Program Board — WSHPB.)
  • Welcome Weekend Committee
    Welcome Weekend provides activities for the entire Cornell community during the first few weeks of each semester. Welcome Weekend is advised by Denice Cassaro.

For more information about these groups, or any other Student Organization, contact Campus Activities at (607) 255-4169, or email