Mission & Goals

Our mission—to provide students with opportunities designed to promote individual growth, creativity and personal connections through experiential learning—is accompanied by 6 main goals:

  1. To empower students and support their activities through the provision of services, facilities, classes, training and programs.
  2. To facilitate and support hands-on experiences where students learn and use leadership and life skills. These skills include team building, group development, supervision, budget development and fiscal management, marketing and promotion techniques, professional ethics, time management, decision-making and meeting management.
  3. Consult with students, staff and faculty wishing to hold major events on university property.
  4. Evaluate Campus Activities programs, training and services regularly and initiate change when needed.
  5. Commit resources towards applying technological advances to Campus Activities sponsored programs and services.
  6. Initiate and support collaboration among students, staff and faculty in the area of programming.

For more information about student organizations or our office, contact the Campus Activities Office at (607) 255-4169, or email us at activities@cornell.edu.