About Us

Joe Scaffido

Director of Campus Activities
(607) 255-4169

Joe has over 20 years of experience in student activities and higher education. He specializes in event planning, contract negotiations, and advising student organizations. At Cornell, Joe has advised major programming boards, including the Cornell Concert Commission, Cornell University Program Board, and the Slope Day Programming Board. He currently oversees the student organization registration and the event registration processes, and advises the Willard Straight Hall Student Union Board (SUB) and the Slope Day Programming Board (SDPB). Joe chairs the Events Management Planning Team (EMPT), and is available for general event planning consultation, contract questions, or student organization questions.

Joe received his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Computer Science and Business Economics from SUNY Potsdam, and his Master of Science Degree in Student Affairs & Higher Education from Indiana State University. 

Denice Cassaro

Program Coordinator
(607) 255-8824

Denice is a Program Coordinator in Campus Activities, where she is dedicated to providing vibrant and supportive opportunities that promote and nurture student learning, the practice of leadership, social responsibility, interpersonal skill-building and self-awareness through experiential learning. She advises student organizations and works closely with both student organizations and event planners to develop organizations and assist with the coordination of on-campus events.

Denice has a background in counseling, social work, program evaluation and social justice issues. She is also known for her Community Connection emails!

Roxanne Edsall

Operations and Administrative Assistant
(607) 255-4169

Roxanne manages the Event Registration Form (ERF) for campus event registrations and supports the student organization registration process. She collects and maintains materials required for club registration, and is available to consult with clubs and university offices about holding events on Cornell’s property. Roxanne also approves all requests for the use of the Cornell name, logo and artwork on manufactured items and coordinates the agenda for Event Management Planning Team (EMPT) meetings.

Carol S. James

Assistant Director of Campus Activities
(607) 254-7491

As Assistant Director of Campus Activities, Carol oversees the student employees and operations of the Willard Straight Hall Resource Center (4th floor of WSH) and the 520 Reception Area (5th floor of WSH). Carol’s engagement of the student staff focuses on leadership development, community building and empowerment. She also serves as a Crisis Manager.

Carol has been an experiential educator for close to 25 years and draws daily on skills from that field in her role with Campus Activities. She has been teaching yoga since before the rise in its popularity!

Chantel Moseby

Program Coordinator
(607) 255-0619

Chantel is a Program Coordinator in Campus Activities where she advises student organizations as they develop and coordinate on-campus events.  She has a passion for working with college-age student leaders, event planning and using those two areas to expose students to different avenues of diversity and inclusion.  Chantel has a background of working with first generation/low income high school students and helping them navigate their way into higher education.  Before entering the higher education sphere, Chantel had a career in journalism where she worked as a television news producer for a local news outlet in Arkansas.

Chantel received her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Broadcast Journalism and Speech Communication as well as her Master of Arts in Multimedia Journalism from Arkansas Tech University.  She also received her Master of Education Degree in Higher Education with an emphasis in Student Affairs from the University of Arkansas.


Linda Siptrott

Program Assistant, Campus Activities; Business Manager
(607) 255-0620

Linda works closely with the Willard Straight Hall Resource Center student staff, assisting with hiring and training, staff development, and learning outcome assessment. Her passion for mentoring has driven her to work and train using a hands-on approach and to lead by example.

Linda came to the university more than 20 years ago, bringing retail and business skills and a passion for engaging with people. She believes that much learning happens outside of the classroom and teaches “life skills” - the skills that are essential for everyone to learn, and that you take wherever you go!