Recognized Sororities & Fraternities

Interfraternity Council

IFC exists to promote the shared interests and values of the 32 member fraternities: leadership, service, brotherhood, and scholarship. Chapters with an * are in University-owned buildings.

Cornell Interfraternity Council Website 

Organization CU Designation CU Founding President Address
Acacia No. 14 Cornell 1907 Raymond Liao 318 Highland Rd
Alpha Delta Phi Cornell 1869 Alexander Flynn 777 Stewart Ave
Alpha Epsilon Pi Beta 1917 Ryan McCurry 140 Thurston Ave
Alpha Gamma Rho Zeta 1914 Eric Bates 203 Highland Ave
Alpha Lambda Mu Gamma 2017 Yahya Abdul-Basser OSFL - 136 Ho Plaza
Alpha Sigma Phi Iota 1909 Neal Vinaixa 804 Stewart Ave
Alpha Zeta Cornell 1901 Allyson Wentworth 214 Thurston Ave
Beta Theta Pi Beta Delta 1879 Michael Sarkis 100 Ridgewood Rd
*Chi Phi Xi 1868 Constantin Miranda 107 Edgemoor Ln
Chi Psi Psi 1869 Andrew Jhu 810 University Ave
Delta Chi Alpha 1890 Joseph Welsh 102 The Knoll Rd
*Delta Kappa Epsilon Delta Chi 1870 Matthew Fooksman 13 South Ave
*Delta Tau Delta Beta Omicron 1889 Arjun Bhalla 104 Mary Ann Wood Dr
*Delta Upsilon Cornell 1869 Werner Bradshaw 6 South Ave
Kappa Delta Rho Beta 1913 Bryan Scanapieco 312 Highland Rd
*Kappa Sigma Alpha Kappa 1892 Arman Vaziri 600 University Ave
Lambda Chi Alpha Omicron 1913 Joshua Nathanson 125 Edgemoor Ln
Phi Delta Theta NY Alpha 1872 Andrew Petterson 2 Ridewood Rd
*Phi Gamma Delta Kappa Nu 1888 Nicholas Smith 118 McGraw Pl
*Phi Kappa Psi NY Alpha 1868 John Caruso 120 Mary Anne Wood Dr
Phi Kappa Tau Alpha Tau 1930 Sean Lacey 106 The Knoll Rd
Phi Sigma Kappa Gamma 1889 Joseph Bean 702 University Ave
Pi Kappa Alpha Beta Theta 1917 Johnathon Carboni 17 South Ave
Pi Kappa Phi Psi 1921 Alessandro Masotti 55 Ridgewood Rd
*Sigma Alpha Mu Beta 1911 Scott Semaya 122 McGraw Pl
Sigma Chi Alpha Phi 1890 Sam Kent 106 Cayuga Height Rd
*Sigma Phi Society NY Epsilon 1890 Sam Frey 1 Forest Park Ln
Sigma Pi Mu 1913 Alex Ewald 730 University Ave
Tau Kappa Epsilon Joining Fall 2018 Aydin Kaghazchi  OSFL - 136 Ho Plaza
Theta Delta Chi Beta Charge 1870 Eric Fedio 800 University Ave
Zeta Beta Tau Kappa   Chase Jaeger 1 Edgecliff Pl
*Zeta Psi Psi 1865 Maxwell Wrobel 534 Thurston Ave


Multicultural Greek & Fraternal Council

MGFC is comprised of 13 sororities and fraternities that identify as Historically Black, Latinx Based, African-Social Justice, and Asian Interest. Chapters with an * are in University-owned buildings.

Multicultural Greek & Fraternal Council Website

Organization Chapter Designation CU Founding President Address
Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Mu Upsilon 1979 Kennedy Graves OSFL - 136 Ho Plaza
alpha Kappa Delta Phi Sorority, Inc. Tau 1997 Samantha Chu OSFL - 136 Ho Plaza
Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. Alpha 1906 Noah Gear OSFL - 136 Ho Plaza
Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Mu Gamma 1975 Shannon McLeod OSFL - 136 Ho Plaza
Kappa Phi Lambda Sorority, Inc.  Iota 2000 Morena Rong OSFL - 136 Ho Plaza
Lambda Phi Epsilon Fraternity, Inc. Alpha Kappa 1999 Nathan Bala OSFL - 136 Ho Plaza
Lambda Pi Chi Sorority, Inc. Alpha 1988 Claudia Ponce de Leon OSFL - 136 Ho Plaza
Lambda Theta Alpha Sorority, Inc. Gamma Phi 2004 Jodaliza Gloder OSFL - 136 Ho Plaza
Lambda Upsilon Lambda Fraternity, Inc. Alpha 1982 Felix Blanco OSFL - 136 Ho Plaza
Malik Fraternity, Inc. Cornell Village 2017 Joel Cruz OSFL - 136 Ho Plaza
Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. Delta Mu 1982 Joel Ogunremi OSFL - 136 Ho Plaza
*Pi Delta Psi Fraternity, Inc. Kappa 1998 Andrew Lee 124 Triphammer Rd
Sigma Lambda Upsilon Sorority, Inc. Iota 1993 Angie Ortiz OSFL - 136 Ho Plaza


Panhellenic Association 

PHC serves 13 chapters at Cornell, assisting chapters in their efforts to achieve excellence and to encourage communication and mutual cooperation. Chapters with an * are in University-owned buildings.

Cornell Panhellenic Association Website

Organization CU Designation CU Founding President Address
Alpha Chi Omega Zeta Phi 1984 Sandhya Ganesan 210 Thurston Ave
Alpha Epsilon Phi Kappa 1920 Hannah Biener 435 Wyckoff Ave
Alpha Phi Delta 1889 Darcie Ulvi 411 Thurston Ave
Alpha Xi Delta Alpha Beta 1919 Arnella Mucha 40 Ridgewood Rd
Delta Delta Delta Alpha Beta 1913 Athena Delgado 118 Triphammer Rd
Delta Gamma Chi 1885 Lilah Noyes 117 Triphammer Rd
Kappa Alpha Theta Iota 1881 Page Robinson 519 Stewart Ave
Kappa Delta Omega Chi 1917 Caitlin Bowen 109 Triphammer Rd
Kappa Kappa Gamma Psi Dueteron 1883 Aliza Klingenstein 508 Thurston Ave
Phi Mu Phi Xi 2014 Anastasia Kavanagh 509 Wyckoff Rd
*Phi Sigma Sigma Beta Xi 1954 Stephanie Smart 14 South Ave
Pi Beta Phi NY Delta 1918 Leah Womelsdorf 330 Triphammer Rd
Sigma Delta Tau Alpha 1917 Bailey Landow 115 Ridgewood Rd