Academic Initiatives

The Essential Guide to Academic Integrity at Cornell

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Explore Series

Exploring the world at large and learning to think critically are fundamental to a great undergraduate education. Toward these ends, the Explore Series during Orientation is designed to ignite your intellectual curiosity. This is an opportunity to meet great professors and explore a topic totally unrelated to a subject you know or field you wish to pursue.

All Explore sessions stem from University Courses being taught in the fall and spring. Organized by the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education, University Courses teach you to think from the perspectives of multiple disciplines across majors and the undergraduate colleges and allow you to engage with faculty, participate in coursework with students across the University, and learn to examine exciting subjects through new and different lenses.

Join Cornell’s renowned faculty members for the Explore series on August 23 and investigate the subjects they enjoy most. All of the workshops are interactive and informal so that you can meet and interact with other students and professors.

Learn Where You Live

Do you want to explore an interesting subject in an informal, low-stress setting?

Do you want to meet a fantastic and friendly professor in a small class?

Are you looking for an extra credit?

Consider taking a Learning Where You Live course! These are primarily one-credit courses taught on North and West Campus that focus on bringing faculty and undergraduates together to enhance intellectual life in the residential communities. Former students have raved about these courses, noting their ability to really get to know a faculty member and other students in a low stress and interesting course. Classes are taught near (or in) your residential community at convenient times. Register for them just as you would for any other course and feel free to email the faculty member with any questions.


Engage With Faculty

There are informal ways to engage with faculty in your residential community through the Faculty-In-Residence and Faculty Fellows programs.