Late Night Event Policy

A late night event is an event that happens between 11:00 pm and 2:00 am on Friday or Saturday nights. The following guidelines must be followed in order to obtain permission to be in the student union past the 11:00 pm closing.

  1. Complete a Reservation Request through the university R25 scheduling system.
  2. Complete the Required Event InformationUse of University Property Form.
    This form should be submitted no later than 10 working days before the event so that there is time for various university departments to review it for approval. This form is necessary because university officials, including representatives from Risk Management and Cornell Police, need to know where events are occurring on campus each night and because they have the authority to require that groups make various preparations for an event to occur, including hiring security. If you have questions about completing this form, please call the Student Activities Office at (607) 255-4169.
  3. Set up Information
    A set-up sheet will be emailed to the person making the reservation as soon as the reservation is confirmed. The sheet includes instructions for completing it and for returning it to Willard Straight Hall event managers.
  4. Late Night Request Form
    This form is submitted to the Student Union Board of Willard Straight Hall to provide specific details about the event. This information will be reviewed with the group’s representative at a meeting with the Student Union Board.
  5. Meet with WSH Student Union Board
    One member of the sponsoring group must be designated as the person in charge. This student and the group’s advisor, staff and/or faculty representative must meet directly with the Student Union Board to discuss the event no less than 10 working days before the event.  To reserve a spot to review your event on the agenda of the weekly Student Union Board meetings, please contact the Student Union Board advisor, (607) 255-4311, Room 526. The Student Union Board meets weekly.
  6. Charges
    There are fees for holding late night events in Willard Straight Hall. The sponsoring group us responsible for all charges related to the event. The reservationist in 525 WSH will give you a written cost estimate for the charges related to building costs. NOTE: This is an estimate only! Fines may be incurred if there is damage to furniture or if excessive cleaning is needed. Bills and fines which are not paid will be sent to collection after 90 days.
  7. Alcohol in WSH
    A complete set of guidelines is available here.
  8. Monitoring Events in WSH
    The sponsoring group must designate a person in charge to: meet with the Student Union Board to discuss the event plans; to be in charge at the event; to be present during the set up prior to the event; during the event; and after the event until the last person has left the building. In addition, the sponsoring group must designate at least one responsible staff member. faculty member/advisor to be present at the late night event from start until the last guest leaves. The advisor must also attend the meeting with the A-Board.
    The sponsoring group is expected to monitor the event and to assign at least four (4) monitors for events with 200 or less guests. For 200-250 guests there must be five (5) monitors. For 250-300 guests there must six (6) monitors. Note the room capacity for the Memorial Room: maximum of 300 people for an event that does not require seating and a maximum of 230 people for seated events. The monitors must meet with the student Manager on Duty (MOD) no less than 30 minutes before the event. Members of the sponsoring organization are expected to take steps to run the event safely and responsibly, and to work with the MOD should any difficulties arise. This includes placing people at doors to collect tickets and limit access to the room. The group must have a means of counting and controlling occupancy in the room.
    These people must also actively enforce university and building policies pertaining to, but not limited to: alcohol, food, room capacity, public access, use of facility, posting signs, etc. Please make sure that your guests respect the building staff and property.
  9. Access to WSH
    Persons wishing to gain admittance to WSH for late night events must arrive by 1:00 am. It is the sponsoring group's responsibility to make sure that no guests gain access to the building after that time. Advise guests that there will be no access to the building after 1:00 am. Note that building custodian will lock the doors at 1:00 am.
    The sponsoring group is expected to arrive on time and to leave the event on time according to your room reservation. All late night events in WSH will end by 2:00 am and all people must be out of the building by 3:00 am. All entertainment must end by 2:00 am and guests not involved in clean-up are expected to leave. Future late night event requests may be rejected for groups who are not ready to leave the building completely by 3:00 am.
  10. Handling Problems
    If the sponsor experiences difficulties upholding policies during an event in WSH, advise the building custodian immediately so that the matter is addressed. The custodian will call Cornell Police at his or her discretion. If violations do occur during the event and the sponsoring groups fails to take reasonable steps to address them, the Student Union Board will place sanctions on the organization. Depending on the problems, this could involve fines and/or restrictions on using the building next semester, referrals to the Judicial Administrator, etc.